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Abstract Painting


International watercolor society of India is a non-profit watercolor society which was established in the year 2014 by the renowned watercolorist of India Mr. Amit kapoor in the supervision of the President of International watercolour society globe Mr. Atanur Dogan. The Mission of the society is to promote the most Traditional and deeply rooted painting technique: The Art of Watercolor. Our headquarters in India is located in New Delhi which is the capital city of India.

Our Goal is to promote Peace by the use of Art; a common language which brings together people from around the world. Our activities involve bringing Watercolor artists and art lovers together.

Abstract Painting

To become the best Organisation spreading the medium of Watercolor art.

To give platform to the aspiring youth in every hook and corner of India who have skills or interest n watercolor art.

To oraganize events where Artists, Art collectors, Academicians from various countries can interact and benefit from each others knowledge and experience.


Amit Kapoor

IWS India President

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